We have five senses that contribute towards how we feel, and none more so than our sense of smell. So, bearing that in mind, we’ve developed a range of luxurious high quality scented candles intended to bring you the feeling you need through the time honoured holistic art of aromatherapy. When you fill a room with the scent of our candles you’ll want the sensation to last, so our candles are made so that they don’t lose fragrance as you burn down the wick. All our aromatherapy candles are handmade in the UK with 100% natural wax and each is geared towards providing you with an abundance of whatever energy you need.


Included in bundle:


Happiness- Sandalwood & Amber

Scent notes: Woody (sandalwood, amber)

Sandalwood has been a mainstay in the aromatherapy world since the very beginning originally being applied to and absorbed through the skin. It’s thought to influence the messages that are transmitted to and from the brain in what’s known as the limbic system. This is what controls your happiness, and it won’t take long after lighting one of our joy imbued Sandalwood candles to see the effects. It’s one of the most commonly used scents employed as a meditation aid due to its well-known grounding and mood enhancing properties too.


Self-Love- Truffle D'Orient 

Scent notes: Woody-Floral (jasmine, patchouli, blackcurrant, vanilla)

Although jasmine oil is typically known for is calming properties, it’s also a powerful antidepressant. Research has found that the uplifting floral aromas of jasmine oil have a massive effect on your mood, as they interact with and effect the beta waves of your brain. Floral scents in general are known for their soothing qualities and their calming influence but Jasmine more than any other is famous for its ability to encourage our bodies to release the chemicals associated with relaxation providing you with a clear mind and a moment to reflect on how wonderful it is just to be you.


Inspire- Grapefruit & Mimosa

Scent notes: Citrus-Floral (grapefruit, blackcurrant, apple)

Grapefruit is one of the most interesting fruits for many reasons but the one what’s most relevant when it comes to our luxurious candles, is its instant “pick me up” effect. Its legendary effects are so powerful, that just sniffing the fruits potent scent alone can boost both your energy and your alertness. The grapefruit essential oils imbued in our candles provide the same citrus notes as the fruit itself and by diffusing the oil in the evenings it can provide you with another burst of energy and a sense of clarity late in the day.


Calm- Bergamot & Musk 

Scent notes: Citrus (bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, gardenia) 

Bergamot is known for its powerful mood stabilising properties and the elevating effects that come from these moments of clarity. Sparking this candle will lead to a reduction in feeling of sluggishness or melancholy lifting your mood boosting your vitality and providing the essential moment of relaxation that you need and deserve at the end of a long hard day. Science has also found bergamot to be a massive aid in the proper support of our central nervous system helping combat anxiety and promote a more positive outlook.


Burn time: 40 hrs