Every house has the potential to be a home. But these days, in a world that’s often a little too busy, a house can be so much more than just a home. A house can be a sanctuary. It’s our own space, there to remind us who we are and what we truly value. Somewhere to unwind and re-energise.


At Frequenza we provide bespoke homeware imbued with the spark of positivity that we all need from time to time. We believe that our vibrational energy is everything and that you attract the same energy that you put out into the world. That’s why we’ve categorised our range of products by energy. So that you can find what it is that you truly need. Happiness. Inspiration. Relaxation. Self-love. These aren’t luxuries. They’re all fundamental parts of the human experience that we can achieve if we simply seek to change our mind-set. Our products are designed to help you shift your perspective and find new ways of tackling your day to day challenges and a new energy with which to take on life. A more fulfilling state of mind is yours for the taking, so join us, grab it with both hands, and start your new chapter today.

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“My aim was to turn ordinary items into sources of motivation, and inspiration. I saw all the everyday things in my home and couldn’t help but feel like I wasn’t making the most of my space. Our home is our safe space, a place to heal and to grow. Everything in your home has the potential to make us feel better. What if we could add a little dose of happiness to everyday objects and ornaments. Frequenza grew from that initial moment of inspiration. No place should make you happier, than your home, and I’ve made it my mission to help introduce a spark of positivity into each and every one of them.”