We have five senses that contribute towards how we feel, and none more so than our sense of smell. So, bearing that in mind, we’ve developed a range of luxurious high quality scented candles intended to bring you the feeling you need through the time honoured holistic art of aromatherapy. When you fill a room with the scent of our candles you’ll want the sensation to last, so our candles are made so that they don’t lose fragrance as you burn down the wick. All our aromatherapy candles are handmade in the UK with 100% natural wax and each is geared towards providing you with an abundance of whatever energy you need.

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For thousands of years and in hundreds of cultures people have taken advantage of the healing properties held within crystals.  The application of these ancient healing aids has developed into an entire field of study allowing us to truly see the full benefit that healing crystals can offer. Each crystal, and each colour has a different purpose. The varying process that each crystal goes through in their formation, infuses them with a range of energies, which can all be used to support and maintain our own peace of mind and with our approach to shopping by energy, we can finally help you find the feeling that you’ve been looking for.  


Sometimes there’s no better way of getting a message across than writing it out. Our beautiful custom made wall prints are designed to provide a constant and stylish reminder of the energies that we’re trying to create. Whether you need a relaxing message in your front room, or an inspirational quote in your office, we can help you find the perfect words to reenergise any space.

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