White Sand and Stone


Put simply, the law of attraction is a belief that positive and negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences and situations into people’s lives. But it’s not as fantastical as it might sound, in fact when you break it down, it makes complete sense. Right now you might look at a current situation in your life, and let this situation dictate your thoughts and feelings about it. These thoughts then produce correspondent feelings, and feelings in turn cause us to take actions that almost always produce, a similarly unwelcome situation or feeling. This is how we enter cycles of disappointment, neglect and negativity. It’s essential that we eliminate these negative auras and energies, and create our own field of self-love and positivity.


The law of attraction encourages you to realise something simple, but important. You feel bad, because you think bad thoughts. If we are able to stop focusing on an unwelcome situation or feeling, and begin to focus on a result that we want, we can produce an abundance of positive feelings, which in turn cause positive actions that will produce a more welcome result. Through this basic practice we can begin to manifest our own destiny. 


Through our range of products we aim to encourage feelings of happiness, relaxation, excitement, or whatever positive emotion you’re struggling to generate by your own means on any given day. At Frequenza we believe that you can and should be the change you want to see, and when that becomes difficult, our beautiful range of positive homeware will help remind you of what really matters: You.